Friday, January 30, 2015

CYM and Passion Play Updates

Good afternoon everyone!

Please note that we will not have TGIF today.

The Passion Play practice schedule will have major edits soon. Please keep a look-out!

Passion Play actors, we will have our first read-through of the script and blocking this coming Tuesday, 6-9pm in the Hall.

God bless,
Mr. Emperador

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Good morning everyone,

Please remember today, Thursday the 29th of January, there is NO general practice for Passion Play. Instead, there will be a production staff meeting in the Guadalupe Room. Those of you who are in production staff will know who you are.

Pax Christi,
Mr. Emperador

Monday, January 26, 2015

Passion Play 2015 Practice and Performance Schedule

Good morning everyone!

I am so sorry for the delay!!!
Please find the Practice Schedule for this year's Passion Play season below and note that our first practice is tomorrow, the 27th, 6-9pm, in the PLC Main Hall:

Passion Play 2015: Agape

Tuesday          Jan. 27             6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Jan. 29             6pm – 9pm
Tuesday          Feb. 3              6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Feb. 5              6pm – 9pm
Tuesday          Feb. 10            6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Feb. 12            6pm – 9pm
Tuesday          Feb. 17            6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Feb. 19            6pm – 9pm
Tuesday          Feb. 24            6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Feb. 26            6pm – 9pm
Saturday         Feb. 28            1pm – 4pm
Tuesday          Mar. 3              6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Mar. 5              6pm – 9pm
Saturday         Mar. 7              1pm – 4pm
Tuesday          Mar. 10           6pm – 9pm
Thursday        Mar. 12           6pm – 9pm
Saturday         Mar. 14           1pm – 4pm
Tech Week
            Tuesday         Mar. 17           6pm – 9pm
            Thursday       Mar. 19           6pm – 9pm
            Saturday         Mar. 21           1pm – 9pm

            Wednesday    Mar. 25           7pm
            Friday             Mar. 27           7pm
            Saturday         Mar. 28           7pm
            Wednesday    Apr. 1              7pm

            Friday             Apr. 3              After Good Friday Service

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Call Back Auditions

Hello everyone!

Please remember that just because you do not see your name on this list does NOT mean that you will not be cast as a part. Rather, Call Back Auditions are for the production staff to gain more information.

Call Back Auditions will be held this Thursday, the 22nd of January, 7-8:30pm. Please meet in the San Lorenzo Room of the PLC, which is on the second level.

The people who are expected to attend are as follows:

  • A. Asuncion
  • J. Basco
  • K. Basco
  • F. Cacacho
  • W. Dela Torre 
  • W. Dela Torre (please note that this is not a repetition typo...)
  • S. Delos Santos
  • D. Doria
  • R.J. Guba
  • M. Meneses
  • J. Peralta
  • N. Rayos
The cast should be decided by Friday. God bless!

I. Emperador

Reminder! Passion Play Auditions Tonight!

Hey everyone!

Please keep in mind that we will be having Passion Play auditions once again, tonight in the PLC Main Hall, 7-8:30pm. Come by any time in that window to deliver your 2 minute max monologue.

Mr. Emperador

Friday, January 16, 2015

Passion Play 2015 Main Character Descriptions

Hey everyone,

Please remember that we will have our first set of auditions tonight during TGIF, 6-10pm! Please prepare a two (2) minute max monologue to present to Melissa and me.

Main Character Descriptions are as follows (please note that there are more characters but these need to be cast immediately):

Main Character Descriptions

  •         FRANKLIN:       Janine's older brother. Franklin was raised by his grandmother, who introduced him to the faith and taught him to look after his sister. He feels it is his responsibility to do whatever he has to in order to protect Janine. This story leads us through Franklin's journey to understanding how to love.
  •         JESSE:              Franklin's best friend since they were in kindergarten. Jesse has had a hard life, with problems at home. Throughout their lives, Jesse wants Franklin to be there for him as much as Franklin is there for Janine, but Franklin is unaware. Jesse must work through his frustration and helplessness to learn how to support those he loves.
  •          JANINE:            Born with a deformity that crippled her leg, Janine grew to become bitter over her disability that set her apart from her peers. Janine is bright, advanced in school, and in time, let go of their faith in exchange for reason and science. Janine rejects all of Franklin's attempts at talking to her about religion, and she detests Franklin for constantly trying to protect her. She doesn't understand Franklin and has a hard time seeing past her own bitterness and rage.
  •          MR. GOODMAN:         Franklin's English teacher. Mr. Goodman is something of a second father to Franklin, who often speaks to Franklin and gives him advice when he has a problem. Franklin begins to understand what it really means to love, through the guidance of Mr. Goodman.

  •  JESUS:               God and Man. Brought to earth to save mankind. He is Love, and His sacrifice is the ultimate example of what it means to love fully, without condition.
  • PETER:              The Rock. Peter is exuberant about following Jesus, but he is also the one that at times still has doubts or grows afraid. He is human. But he also becomes the foundation that will continue to lead Christ's people after He is gone.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey guys,

Sorry I've been very MIA on this site lately, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things on here! Thanks for being patient! I'm going to be adding a few new sections on the site! Click on the links above to look at them or read them on the main page!


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hey guys!

Didn't have enough teams to go on through with the tournament so we will be postponing it to the last week in July! Let me know if you have any questions! You can still submit a form to the link below!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Invitation Retreat 2014!

Hey guys!

You are cordially invited to Invitation Retreat 2014!!!

If you'd like the forms for the retreat here it is!

Retreat Forms 

Also please fill out the med forms as well!

Med Forms

Please turn in to a CYM member!

CYM League of Legends Tournament

Hey guys!

CYM is sponsoring a tournament for League of Legends!!! If you have friends that might be interested in joining let them know about it!

Here are some reminders and rules about the tournament!

  • Tournament is week of July 27, 2014
  • To join the tournament $25 and registration is due by July 25, 2014
  • The tournament will start at 10AM, depending on the amount of teams. (The more teams, the earlier it will start)
  • Prize Money is at $150
  • First and second rounds Bo3, Final Bo5
  • Will switch sides every game
  • Winner of a flipped coin will choose which side they want first.
  • Have good sportsmanship! Zero tolerance for bad sportsmanship. A demeanor will lead to disqualification from tournament
  • Need a min of 8 teams! More teams, bigger prize pool
  • Streamed online and the tournament will be online
  • Turn in money to Neil Rayos

Questions or concerns?
Call or Text 707-319-7313

Here's the link to register!

CYM LoL Tournament Registration